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After sailing up and down the East Coast from Bahamas to Maine several times, I find I like New England best, and that Narragansett Bay is it's crown jewel. Lots of cozy anchorages, plenty of delightful villages steeped in history, little current, and 150 square miles of sailing delight. The wind builds every afternoon up to about 15 knots, and then dies down in the evening for placid evening. 

  My greatest satisfaction is getting a customer in the appropriate boat for their individual needs. It is so easy to let the difficulties surrounding the learning curve to erode the passion for sailing. I am currently a year-round liveaboard, hold a 50-ton captains license, and would like nothing better than to get you on your cruising path.

  There is no better feeling for me than to help a budding cruiser get from the dream to the deed!


We offer Sailing Lessons in our RI Sailing School, plus Bareboat Chartering and Fractional Sailing with our charter fleet. Starting as a sailboat dealer years ago, we have seen customers struggle with the dilemma of having the desire to get into sailing, but could not justify spending the money to buy a boat without knowing if it was something the family would enjoy, not to mention not having the knowledge base to make an intelligent decision.

We have spent a lot of energy in coming up with a formula where folks could “test the water” without having to break the bank. At Narragansett Sailing we offer a multitude of different paths to sample sailing without making a big financial commitment.

 We offer the following options:

  • You can take an introductory sail, or take sailing lessons.
  • You can charter a sailboat for a few days, or for a week or more.
  • You can share a mid-sized boat for just one season to try it out. (SailTime)
  • You can buy a used sailboat, or a brand new one.


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